The Callsheet

hosted by A.J. Wedding

Listen to the stories of how people people made it in the film and tv biz, and what sets their work apart from the rest.  Directors, Producers, Actors, Cinematographers and Writers sit with filmmaker A.J. Wedding to talk shop.  The Callsheet is sponsored by Plot Devices, The Sunset Marquis, and The Digital Cinematography Society.  Available on iTunes and Spotify.

Episode 5: Philip Lanyon, Director of Photography

Philip was a kid in Canada watching Star Trek TNG, never knowing he would eventually become the DP for Star Trek Picard!  He also shot the series Frontier with Jason Mamoa, and has an incredible story about perseverance.

Episode 4: Marc Zicree, Showrunner and Writer

Marc Zicree, "Mr. Sci-fi" has been a writer and show runner on some of the best science fiction series ever made.  Star Trek TNG, Babylon 5, Sliders, and even many of the animated series of the late 80s.  

Episode 3: Neville Page, Creature Designer

Neville has designed creatures for films like Avatar, Star Trek, Prometheus and others.  He was also a judge on the Sci-Fi Channel hit fx makeup contest show 'Face-Off.'  He is nominated for a 2019 Emmy for his work on Star Trek Discovery.

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Episode 2: Mike Caron, Director

Director of Nickelodeon's Henry Danger talks about his rise from checking in props to directing on the same soundstage years later.

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Episode 1: Leonidas Jaramillo, Director of Photography

Leo talks about how he went from photo assistant to Annie Leibovitz to DP of multi-million dollar films in just a few years.

Episode 6: Angela Shelton, Independent Filmmaker

Angela's first jaunt into screenwriting was with Tumbleweeds, which won the Filmmaker Award at Sundance.    Her current film Heart, Baby! changed the lives of the people it is based on in an incredible way.