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After writing Junior Crew, A.J. began working with a team of producers and creative professionals to develop the film beyond the page.  Designs for the sets, props, aliens, storyboards, and VFX planning is ongoing.

ZOEY and the AEGIS

Zoey's life as a teen skater-girl was awesome until her parents decided to separate.  Her mom moves her away from her dad, her friends and her home in the city, relocating them to her aunt's rural home in the woods.  After a fight with her mom, Zoey wanders into the forest and stumbles upon a pair of alien pilots who both claim to want a device to save the human race from a larger alien war.

With the help of an incredible sentient overboard, Zoey must use her street smarts and skater skills to avoid alien pursuers, avoid getting grounded and fight to save the world...all before dinnertime.


Designs and storyboards are underway for this lower-budget labor of love.  A great deal of effort has gone into understanding exactly when and where VFX will be needed, and how to make the best use of our incredible robotic props developed by Dave Asling at Creation Consultants.

Simple 1/6th scale model of an interior set to help with shot layout and production needs

Scale model of the Vlade alien hoverboard design by Dave Asling and Creation Consultants

To request more info on these or other projects in development, please contact us below.

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